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Welcome to Broga Online

Broga® is a trademark signature yoga practice designed for a male sensibility (although ladies are of course always welcome!). If you have always wanted to try yoga, but didn’t think you fit into the club or were flexible enough to even try, then this is exactly for you! It is a strong, intense and physically challenging workout with accessible postures that challenge the body in new ways, increase performance and capability in sport and reduces the possibility of injury or painful impingement. You will use and develop strength, stamina and increased mobility from the very first class.

When you are done with the 8 week program you will have achieved what no other workout on the market can provide: a new toned body that is more flexible and mobile as well as a new approach food and a healthy lifestyle that you can actually grow with beyond the 8 week course. Broga will change your life.

The Broga® DVD set includes 6 different 45 minute workouts.

Each session focuses on stretching and strengthening the body in one intense workout. You will dramatically increase your flexibility and mobility as Matt takes you through chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. The Broga® series also includes a bonus 45 minute intense full body workout and flexibility session we call Sizzle. It is perfect to use in between sessions or traveling on the go.

About Matt

Broga was founded by larger than life former American football star and yoga loving Matt Miller.

When this southern California born super-heavyweight bodybuilding champ Matt (or “the Pillar” as we like to call him) is not filming fitness television shows like Fat Fighters for Channel 4 or covering the NFL games, he is busy transforming the lives and physiques of clients at his studio in London, or speaking about and presenting Broga workouts all over the world!

On the mat he is smashing the “yoga is for girls” myth, and is a strong advocate of male athletes using yoga practice to be the best they can be. Increasing flexibility and teaching muscle groups to work in harmony reduces risk of injury and builds dramatically better athletes.

Matt will tell you that while Broga is a yoga practice engineered for the male athlete, it is perfect for women who are looking for build strength and muscle tone without a bulky gym workout.

Matt is Yoga Fitness Instructor qualified and holds a degree in sports training and physiology from the National Association of Sports Medicine and a certificate of Advanced Nutrition from the University of California system.

As seen in the press!

Broga is a sustainable, and surprisingly enjoyable, workout for both mind and body. Go investigate.

Max Williams


Broga is very good for stress, I think this could catch on in the new year!

Dr Hilary

Health Specialist, Lorraine ITV

Yoga for bros: the Broga class appeals to both men and women!

Lucy Fry

The Telegraph

For anyone who wants the physical benefits of the exercise regime without all the mystical stuff.

Simon Usborne

The Independant